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The eVisa for Vietnam – a great change for country and tourism

Travel to Vietnam without stress. Since the introduction of the electronic visa for Vietnam, this wish has been fulfilled for many travelers. Travelers from 46 countries can apply for an electronic visa quickly and easily online. The Vietnam eVisa allows stays of up to 30 days and is valid for a total of 30 days. It is intended for tourist stays with one-time entry.

Anyone wishing to apply for a Vietnam eVisa can either do so directly via the authority's website or by contacting a visa support service provider. In both cases, an online application must be completed and a fee paid. The application is then reviewed by the authority and a decision is made more or less quickly as to whether the applicant is allowed to enter the country.

eVisa and regular visa – make your choice

eVisa and regular visa – make your choice
Even if an eVisa is rejected, there are still other ways to enter Vietnam. For this purpose, for example, a classic tourist visa can be applied for at the Vietnamese embassy. The effort is of course greater than submitting all documents and questions conveniently online. There is no limit to how often a Vietnam eVisa can be applied for.

This means that the entry permit can be re-issued as often as required. However, applicants should not be in Vietnam at the time of application. Otherwise, it may appear that a permanent stay is planned under the protection of a tourist visa. Of course, this is not permitted, nor is it the intended purpose of the eVisa.

After you applied

Once an eVisa has been approved, all a traveler needs are a valid passport with which he has applied for the eVisa and, in the best case, a printout of the electronic entry permit with an application or reference number. A classic stamp for the passport does not have to be obtained in advance. Your passport should be valid for at least 30 days if you want to apply for a visa for Vietnam, the authorities even recommend a minimum expiry date of half a year.

If you lose your passport after the eVisa is issued, you should also apply for a new eVisa with the new application document, as it is always linked to the corresponding passport number. Passport numbers change with every newly issued document and do not remain the same for a lifetime!

Advantages of visa services

If you order a visa service for applying for an eVisa, you will receive various services that the Vietnamese authorities do not provide. Even if the official processing fee is $25 USD, no further services are available here. The authority will only ensure that your application is examined, and a decision is taken. By ordering a visa service provider you will receive advantages such as: Manual review of your application, contact person in case of complications, refund possibilities in case of rejection, additional information.

Travel with consciousness

Vietnam has introduced an eVisa to make it easier for tourists to visit the country. This opening to global tourism should be reciprocated with appreciation for the country, its people, and its culture. Inform yourself in advance about the customs in Vietnam. What is perceived as unfriendly, what as polite. What should you do and what should you refrain from doing. It also does no harm to know in advance which areas should be avoided. A few decades ago a catastrophic war raged in Vietnam, with the consequence that some areas should still not be visited at all or only with special guidance.

Finally, you should also find out in advance whether special vaccinations or preventive measures against regional diseases should be taken. Vietnam has a unique climate that not every Western European or North American can tolerate. Be prepared, then your Vietnam trip will be even more unforgettable read you can imagine.

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