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The application for an eVisa for Vietnam can be filled out online. You will have to pay a processing fee after providing all necessary information.
After the government authority has made a decision, you will receive your visa as printable document via email.

Vietnam eVisa

For tourism purposes

Stay for up to 30 days

Quick and easy online application

Receive your eVisa via email

eVisa Vietnam Application Process

Step 1

Fill out your application form

Fill out your application form

The application form can be filled out easy and fast. You will be asked for personal data and travel dates. You will also need to provide copies of your passport and a passport photo. After paying the processing fee, the application will be scheduled for manual review.

Step 2

Manual review

Manual review

Your application will be reviewed by trained visa experts. They will check if you answered all questions and if there are any answers that look false. Doing so, your application will be cleansed from errors that could lead to a refusal.

Step 3

Receive your travel permit

Receive your travel permit

After your application has been reviewed, it will be submitted to the authority deciding about whether or not you will receive the desired travel permit. If your application is approved, we will contact you via email and you will receive all applicable documents.

Step 4

Enjoy your trip

Enjoy your trip

Congratulations, you are now ready to enter Vietnam and start your trip to this beautiful country. Your entry permit will be checked when entering the airport. Please double check the validity and rules of your eVisa. Enjoy your trip!

About Us

If you entrust us with handling your application process, you can rely on our expertise to maximize the chances of success of your application. For many years we have been dealing with all kinds of electronic visas and have gained the necessary experience to offer a good visa service. We will check your application manually and contact you if we notice any irregularities that could lead to rejection of the application. Obvious and hidden careless mistakes are also detected in our control (for example typos). These errors will be corrected (as far as possible) without consultation. Your application reaches the authority in the best possible condition.

Do you have any questions about your application? Are there special context factors to consider? Our support is always at your side with advice and assistance and looks forward to supporting you in all kinds of matters. This applies to the time before, during and after the completion of your application. Are you not satisfied with our service? We would like to listen to your concerns and try to find a compromise. Our customers are our greatest asset and we know that a successful trip depends heavily on successful travel preparations. Here we help you to have an unforgettable time abroad. Have we convinced you? Your entry permit is already waiting for you and is only a few minutes away (filling out the application takes an average of 10 minutes).

eVisa Vietnam eligibility check

2ARMArmenia25KORKorea (South)
7BGRBulgaria30NZLNew Zealand
10CHNChina (only NON e-passports)33PERPeru
13CZECzech Republic36ROURomania
18GRCGreece41TLSTimor Leste
19HUNHungary42AREUnited Arab Emirates
20INDIndia43GBRUnited Kingdom
21IRLIreland44USAUnited States

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This website offers support and visa application assistance for Vietnam. To place a successfull order, you will have to pay a service fee of 85.00$ USD. This fee already includes 25$ USD of the Vietnameese authority’s processing fee for issuing an eVisa. You can also order your eVisa directly at the government’s website. To learn about the benefits of the visa support service, read about the visa support service. If you place an order, you do not pay additional fees to receive an eVisa for Vietnam but to receive service for your application process. It is not guaranteed that your visa application will be approved.

eVISA Vietnam